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Associate Township - Khalapur


Size - 40 Acres 

This Project Proposal engages very directly with the ongoing discussion on the urbanization of India’s hinterlands.  This particular project represents the opportunity where new jobs are being created, and consequently Land Values are rising – along transportation corridors : Railway Lines and motorways.

At Khalapur, the first pit-stop along the increasingly busy Mumbai-Pune expressway, the site itself becomes the point of departure : the approaches to it strictly choreographed by its contextual geography. Thus, while exploring scale at the level of the community, and cluster, and neighbourhood, and family, and individual – the project also engages with the simultaneous offering of the city as an object in this unique Landscape.  Its radical lines of axis are explored as energy-fields – that engage with the encircling girdles of mountain-ridges, stellar constellations, and the high-speed Communication Networks – vehicular, micro-wave, and now even cellular.

In the 21st Century thus, this City explores new ways for it and its residents to engage with the cosmos – and to seek an understanding for their Place today and their Journey into the tomorrow.