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Civic Centre at RIL Greens


Size - 5388 sq M

In 1998, during the time Salil Ranadive (with erstwhile-CRA) set up the Township for Reliance at Jamnagar, an exclusive RESIDENCY was established for the Promoter - Directors & Senior, important visitors and guests. Nearly a decade later – while expanding the Township, he was also asked to establish a larger Community & Civic Centre. Analogously, this Township Club, the Diwan-e-Aam was located at the opposite End of the Central Axis as a counter point that was originally presided by the exclusive Residency the Diwans-e-Khas. The resonant typology of the Central Courtyard was turned inside-out, to radiate from the Shunya – connecting to the Community all around. This new DHA Centre houses the Township Library, a Community Hall (or 4 Nos. Badminton Courts) alongside a garden for banqueting. On the east-side court is an Olympic-sized Swimming Pool facility, indoor Squash Court, etc. The Central Court rendered as an informal amphitheatre, allows spill over from the Hall & the Café – and is often used independently for story telling sessions for young children. This project takes further the dialogue with the Wall & the Courtyard that was indulged with at the Ajmita House. Here the effort is the opposite – to enclose enough to establish a Presence – to open enough to capture the outside, intertwine with nature, as a singular boundary-less intent of pulsating space.