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Corporate Gateway District RIL HQ


Size - 25 Acres

Continual expansion of the manufacturing and production facilities within the 800 RIL Plant at Hazira has now necessitated the entire gamut of Non-Process Facilities (Admin. Fire, Safety Security & Parking, Health) to be re-located outside the “battery-limit” of the Plant.

This new location is a long & narrow strip of Land (1 km in length, 100 m deep, nearly 25 Acres in area) straddling across two gates (which too are to be upgraded), running parallel and adjacent to the external boundary & approaching Highway.

Simple organizational clarity and practicality informed the Urban Design initiative – overlaying movements of visitors, staff, contract labour, private vehicles, plant buses, access to the Main Admin. Building (MAB) – along with the overlying imperative to engage this as an opportunity to re-define a corporate context & image to this icon of Indian Industry.

The nature of pedestrian movements, low scales nodes, pause points, hierarchies, and multiplicity of use forms the principle that organises the Work Spaces & Meeting Spaces in all the three formal buildings: Main Admin. Building (MAB), Occupational Health Centre (OHC) & Fire, Security & Safety Facility (F&S).
A layering of the Volumes emerges from the dual need to both provide views to the lush trees on one side & the spectacular industrial Landscape on the other, while at the same time, provide screening from the sun and from the industrial hazards themselves.

The abstraction that has emerged addresses Scale, image, Context and takes forward the idea of Place Making in the corporate realm.