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Kukarwada Township - Expansion and Augmentation


Size - 245 Acres 

The Project to develop a Master Plan and Project Feasibility Report for RIL’s 245 Acres Staff Township at Kukarwada – was an exercise of unique and utmost challenge.

Here is a Site that is to be ravaged by the onslaught of two high-speed transportation corridors: One a Railway Freight Corridor, and the other an Interstate Motorway.

Virtual models were developed to study these interventions and a series of scenarios were tested to mitigate their impact.  These studies helped recognize this constraint as a unique opportunity to explore a range of new concerns, new relationships and new parameters for a mass-housing self-contained staff Township.

The essential morphology developed out of that of a Courtyard – Layering techniques included natural and engineered sound-baffles, resplendent forests of trees, facade-frames.

The clarity and simplicity of the urban geometry, as a repetitive pattern of alternates address a multitude of concerns – including noise cancellation, visual clarity of objects in a high-speed scenario, shielding of views from internal open spaces, visual rhythm, as well as a spatial hierarchies, and transparency.

The Housing is arranged in Clusters, of four buildings each.

Each building houses an average of 54 apartments. The 4-building Cluster therefore, is home to around 216-families – allows for Parking – under cover, of up to 250 cars as well as an adequate numbers of two-wheelers and bicycles, along with designated Toilets for Maids, Drivers / etc.

Such Clusters of 4-buildings each (i.e. a total of 28-buildings) adequately house the entire Phase – I requirement of 1500 families.

On the Podium, at each Cluster, Residents are provided with the Landscaped Gardens, and strolling Pathways for the use of Senior Citizens & Infants.

The Apartments within buildings are designed on a Modular basis.

The other Site facilities & Amenities are a Civic Centre, Neighbourhood Community Halls, Estate Office, Temple and a Medical Centre, all connected by Cycle-Tracks & Jogging / Walking Pathways meandering across the Landscaped Garden-City.