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Office on the Ridge - IGBC “GOLD” RATING

Bhugaon - Pune

Size - 2787 sq M

The SONGBIRDS Housing Project is an ongoing dialogue between positives of Urban Development within the Lap of Nature.  That they can not merely co-exist, but actively nurture each other – and make each other co-existence but one singular discourse – is its basic premise.

So while 1800 families vigorously protect their environment consisting of over 4000 trees and over 50 species of birds – a large proportion of which are “Songbirds”, the Promoters of this project seek to move all their various offices scattered across Pune city and their 200-odd staff to one section of this new landscape.

A pair of linear pitch-roofed pavilions are placed parallel to one another – one deliberately perched at the edge of a ridge, and the other enclosing a courtyard behind it.  At the ground-plane both structure are engaged in an interplay of transparency and a centering of focus – while as one rises towards the floating roofs, the urge is towards expansive vision.  The palate of natural materials, and simple clear technology exemplifies the connect with the environment : with the earth, wind, light and the songs of the birds.