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Reliance Corporate Campus


SIze - Main Admin Bldg.  -  7100 sq M    Learning Centre   -  3300 sq M

The Corporate Campus for RIL at Dahej Manufacturing Division represents a similar opportunity as that at Hazira. At Dahej, the Campus consists of a Main Admin. Building along with a Learning Centre – at once opening a challenge to engage in the inherent duality of being on the one hand Focussed (and regimented) as well as being Searching (and liberated) – both at the same time. The stance adopted expresses this through the overlay of synthesizing a Global Internationalism with India’s Tradition of a Contextual Universalism.

The Learning Centre is recognized as consisting of four functional clusters : Academic/Administrative/Auditorium/Visitor Experience Centre. Each is in itself an independent entity, but with a strong symbiotic relationships with all the clusters adjacent to it – resulting in a dynamic collective experience of an educational campus.

The Admin. Building benchmarks the standard by which the Company chooses a public face for its regional HQ : Efficiency, Clarity, Scalabity & Sustainability. In its totality, the Campus attempts a balance of Scales of the built form, acknowledges contextual axes and focii, engages with the climate, inebriated traffic movements and security concerns – but mostly speaks of the particulars of Place & People, as well as intimates a Future of growth and optimism.