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BMR Advisors

Ballard Estate - Mumbai

Size - 750 Sq.M

The Client Company was created as a new entity after the unfortunate collapse of an Old Institutional Juggernaut. In a move to capture the latent goodwill of the alma-mater they projected themselves as :
Old Wine, in New Bottles!

The client however acquired a beautiful space in a lovely old building at Ballard Estate.

For us therefore, the project was the Inverse : 
New Wine, in an Old Bottle!

The design approach involved retaining the existing volume – the peripheral walls with stone edging around the openings, the ornamental metal columns and the beautiful Jack Arch Roof. All the new additions were carefully inserted into this volume.

The nature of work demanded privacy & security which resulted in separate entries for staff visitors. Visitor movement is thus restricted to the business centre. The business centre has a formal look with white walls, beige completed floors & wenge for doors, panelling & tables.

The staff areas are enlivened by the use of bright colours for the soft boards and graphics on wall. To carry further the idea of ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’ the graphics revolved around the theme of the acrobats and how they fit into any situation. False ceilings are kept to a minimum in order to enjoy the beautiful jack arch roof.

To optimize space the staff cafeteria also doubles up as a library & training room.  The mood created here with bright colours was contemporary interpretation of the ‘Irani Restaurant’ – fine examples of which are found in the Ballard estate precinct.