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Jagannath Shankar Seth Crematorium

Marine Lines - Mumbai

Size - 1700 sq M

Life itself, it is said, is a journey – in multitude shades of ‘Grey’
It is only at Death that the ‘Black & White’ of one’s Journey
is truly revealed in crystalline clarity

The project for the redevelopment & augmentation of the Jagannath Shankar Seth (JSS) Crematoria is rendered entirely in Black & White – as the expression of this the final moment, and the journey beyond.

New requirements included extending the covered roofing, introducing gas-fired crematoria, reorganizing and rationalising locations for the sequence of rituals / etc.

The new Ritualistic Pathways – in stark White, is punctuated by voids – that serve the dual purpose of expressing loss – as well as of dramatizing the columns of light that illuminate the Black of the Pyres.

It is a place of solemnity, profoundity, of reflection, and of the celebration of the cycle of release and rebirth – of the Black and of the White.