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Jamnagar Phase - 3


Size - 130 Acres

Reliance Greens, a world class Residential Complex is spread over an area of 750 acres.
Considering the requirement of project, current infrastructure available, a comprehensive housing plan is proposed over an area of 130 acres including renovation / upgradation of existing residential and site buildings.
The Development of Phase – 3 entails

  • Housing for staff
  • Hostel for Bachelor with Dining and Recreation facilities.
  • Animal Kingdom

Housing for staff is spread in two different sectors comprising about 900 units for various cadres into clusters and structured around parks and open grounds which are interconnected and lined with pathway,  cycle tracks -  dotted with trees and lush green.

Hostels for Bachelors aims for Modular approach consisting of wings inter-connected in cross shape. The 720 room facilities are distributed in 4 wings – comprising 7 floors each and are self-sufficient.

The hostel facility has been provided with an exclusive dining facility having well equipped kitchen and recreation facility. The entire campus has well-laid pathways with spaces for get-together, sports, kiosks and can be accessed conveniently by the residents.

Animal Kingdom is a designated area to have well-crafted animal habitats and exhibits travelled by meandering pathways draping the entire area.

The facility will also have provision for Staff Housing, Animal Hospital, Workshops, Administrative Office themed to be a forest with ponds, large Green Spaces with various species of trees.