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Learning Centre at Dahej


Size - 3300 Sq. M

Creating an Educational Campus to house a corporate in-house Training and on-going Learning Program is a rare opportunity to engage in the inherent duality that this presents : that of being Focused (towards institutional aim and objectives) and searching (the liberation of the creative to achieve this) – both at the same time.

The stance adopted expresses this through the overlay of synthesizing a Global Internationalism with India’s Tradition of a Contextual Universalism.    

The Learning Centre at Dahej has 4 functional foci : the Academic Spaces, the Admin area, the 425 seater Auditorium & the Library. Each is in itself an independent, self-generating set of spaces – engaging individually with its immediate context.  As a collective meanwhile, the vertical layering in the tactile experimental realm, the engagement with non-programmed spaces, the use of best-in-class technology and equipment speaks simultaneously of the particulars of Place & Culture as well as intimates a truly progressive future.