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Reliance Corporate Park

Navi Mumbai

Size - 500 Acres

Reliance Corporate Park is a facility spread over 500 acres in Navi Mumbai. The clients desired to shift all their departments (situated at various locations) to this new campus, to allow increased communication within and between departments and to enhance effectiveness within the workplace.

The Reliance Corporate Park site allows for a total development of 3,710, 000 sq M which includes corporate & financial institutions, as well as commercial facilities. The Urban Design Master Planning involved development of planning strategies and guidelines for consumption of the Built-up area in the form of 3 dimensional blocks conceived for the entire campus to form street – scapes /spatial hierarchies and to relate to the green spaces, and incorporation of natural features like storm-water nallas into the landscape, and create a sustainable Environment.

Logistics form an important part for a campus of this magnitude wherein apart from the road network, a mass rapid transport System is being envisaged in the form of a monorail system as well as a heliport, & the Master Plan allows for segregation of zones by using natural features like nallas, green spaces & roads thus avoiding physical barriers.

The brief for the Campus also included the detailed design for Reliance Research & Technology Centre - a world class centre with Labs & research facilities at par with globally acclaimed research, headed by Dr. Mashelkar.

The centre is to be built in phases and on completion will total up to 12 Lac ft. with Labs dedicated to various streams like Polymers, Refining, Nanotechnology, Solar energy, Bio & Fuel Cells etc. supported by administration facilities.

Along the peripheral Highway & Railway line the campus was developed to offer the City amenities like Retail, Entertainment, Recreation, Medical Support, etc. – in a manner that will trigger the establishment of an alternative City Centre to the Thane – Navi Mumbai Region.